What I ate: 21 July 2014

Monday’s are traditionally the day we all decide to start a new plan/diet/program, and I’m no different. Yesterday I decided to make this week a no excuses week, and my first day was a fail…so many excuses – bored, bought the food already, but I want it, etc.

The plan was to do:
5 days
100% on plan
Keep up with the exercise
No buying extra crap
Don’t make excuses for failing.

Any way, here’s what I ate:

In the car on the way to work – black coffee

Breakfast – 2 brown rice cakes, 2-3 Tbsps cottage cheese, 1 Tbsp strawberry jam, black coffee

Snack – biltong, naartjie

Lunch – 1/2 cup rice noodles, 1 cup mixed veg (broccoli cauliflower green beans carrots baby marrow), 1 pan fried chicken breast, ranch dressing

Snack – orange, salmon fashion sandwiches

Snack – black coffee and cheese flavoured chips

Supper – chicken and noodle soup

Through out the day – water (drank about 2.5 liters)


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