4 week challenge: week 2

Weigh in for the week – 85.8kgs (that’s 0.4 kgs up from last week).

I KNOW why I’m not loosing weight – eating lots of crap and not exercising (this week). I must get my head in the right place and start eating better. If I can just stick to the plan for 1 week (even just 3-4 days) I know I will feel better and that will build momentum and the few good days will turn into a week and then into 2 weeks and then a month, etc. But to get started is my problem. It’s like I’m talking myself out of staying on plan and into eating crap (all the time) by saying that its just this once (every time).

I still haven’t taken an actual weekly picture, but its not like I’ve made any progress…..so I’ll try remember this week, but absolutely no promises….

Last weeks goals were:

1. Eat 100% on plan eating (and track everything here this week)
Although I did track all of my week days, NONE of them were on plan.
2. Add 2 days of cardio (walking) to my exercise
Very little actual exercise happened this week, everyone at home was sick and sleep was my priority.
3. Drink 2 liters of water every day!
I managed to actually do this one!!!

So goal from last week I managed 1/3.

Goals for this week:
1. Eat 100% on plan eating (and track everything here this week)
2. Exercise again!
3. Have at least 3 salads this week
4. Lose at least 1 kg!


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