What I ate: the last few days

Sorry if this post is awful.  I am exhausted and somehow I managed to hurt a muscle in my back over the weekend.  The last few days however have really been great food wise. Not 100% on plan, but I have eaten good food in moderation and lots of fruit and veggies.


Dinners for the last 4 days have been:

Chicken cottage pie with tomatoes and cucumber

Homemade Pizza (bacon and mushroom) with a big salad

Baked chicken pieces and roast sweet potato and veggies with cut cucumber

Chicken stirfry (with a lot of veggies) and brown rice


I did eat quite a few extra snacks over the weekend that were not awful, but definitely were not on the plan.  The extras are definitely getting less, but now its time to cut them down even further.

Extras that I ate that were not on plan:

  • carrot cake
  • cappuccinos (made at home – 1 on sat and 1 on sun)
  • haribo cherry gummy sweets
  • bacon
  • cheese
  • chocolate truffle



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