What I ate: 13 January 2015

Yesterday was so(oooooo) much better than Monday food wise. Yes I did eat some extra things that I didn’t really need, but it wasn’t like a full extra days worth of calories. Lets hope that today I can keep it 100% in check and not eat anything extra over what is planned.

breakfast – black coffee, leftover beef curry and rice

snack – black coffee, an apple and 2 biltong sticks

lunch – 1 medium baked potato with mayonnaise, some steamed butternut and green beans, baked chicken breast with a chutney/mayo/onion soup sauce mix on top

snack – more black coffee, small bunch of grapes

snack – coffee with milk and sugar and 2 rusks

supper – 3/4 of a cup of penne, 1 chicken breast cooked with olive oil and onion, white sauce, salad made with mixed lettuce baby tomatoes cucumber and red pepper, balsamic glaze


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