Starting again for the last time

Over the last 9 years I have lost track of the amount of times I’ve started losing weigh only to get off track and derail badly taking me all the way back to where I started or (mostly) even more overweight than I was before.  A almost two weeks ago I joined Weight Watchers determined to lose the weight properly and for good this time (i.e. starting again for the LAST time).  My first meeting saw me weigh in at 98kgs.  The first week was tough.  I was hungry and grumpy, but I followed the program to the letter and I lost 2.2kgs!!!  Amazing what eating less yunk and lots more veggies does for your body.  I am now nearly through my second week, 2days until my next weigh in, and this week has been eye opening…  In terms of hunger it has been MUCH easier than the first week.  I am not feeling constantly hungry all day anymore, and am even finding that smaller portions are satisfying me for meals.  But (big but here) I have really struggled mentally this week.  I’m sure that I will still lose weight this week (although definitely not as much as last week) because I have been 95% on-plan.  But we’ll have to wait until Saturday morning to find that out.

I am going to try do a food journal everyday again (its great accountability).

Food Journal for 1 September 2015:

Black coffee

Oats with milk and cinnamon

Black coffee

1/2 bag light microwave popcorn

Cucumber sticks

Couscous and ham salad (with low oil mayo)

A small banana

The other 1/2 of the bag of light microwave popcorn

Black coffee

Small portion roast veggie lasagna (homemade) with salad

2.5 liters of water over that course of the day


20 minutes of body weight training (HIIT style)


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