What I ate: 2 September 2015

Yesterday was another really tough day mentally.  I struggled the whole day to get my head properly in the game, but never quite managed it.  So in the end there was a lot of unnecessary snacking which ate into my points.  I did exercise, but also really struggled with it as well, was sore from the day before and very tired already.   But at least I did it even though I wasn’t giving my best.  Here’s to hoping that today is a lot better.  Although we are going out to family for supper, and i have no clue whats going to be on the menu, so planning on leaving lots of room in my day for supper.

Without further ado my food from yesterday:

breakfast – black coffee + cinnamon oats with milk and 1 tsp sugar

snack – 2 rice cakes with peanut butter + more black coffee

lunch – couscous salad with ham

snack – royco light coup of soup (chicken and herb flavour)

later – lots of snack and bites – little avo, 1/2 cake square, bite of chicken, 1/2 lemon cream

supper – spaghetti and mince + carrots and baby gem squash

Exercise: 25 minutes full body strength training


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