What I ate: 3 September 2015

This was ANOTHER really challenging day.  Not because I was excessively hungry, because I wasn’t, but just because I wanted something “nice” and couldn’t figure out what it was that I wanted, so I spent the whole day convincing myself not to eat something I didn’t even crave/want just because I wanted something…..  (btw if I’d figured out what I really wanted, I’d have fitted it into my day).

Today it has been cold and rainy and after a week of 28-31 deg C weather, its feeling absolutely freezing.  Also feeling like eating ALL THE FOOD.

Tomorrow morning is weigh-in number 3!  Hopefully I have something to show for my week, cause a good result after a tough week is extra motivating 🙂

Onto to food from yesterday:


Pap and scrambled egg with tomato

2 rice cakes with 1 tsp of peanut butter

1 cup of spaghetti with mince and carrots and baby gem squash


3 strawberries

1 crumbed chicken fillet (baked) with roast veggies, brown rice, gravy and salad



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