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Totally UNmotivated this Week

While it is abundantly apparent that I cannot sustain a food journal blog, I have actually been doing really well on the weight watchers plan and have lost some weight every week at my weight-in.  Am down 6.4kgs in the last 7 weeks!  This week (week 8) is however kicking my butt.  I just can’t seem to find ANY motivation to exercise and cook healthy meals.  I don’t think it helps that it has been insanely hot (34+ max all week) and my body does not cope well with sudden temperature changes and even worse with this much heat.  But even so I really need to get some luss/motivation back into my week.


What I ate: 3 September 2015

This was ANOTHER really challenging day.  Not because I was excessively hungry, because I wasn’t, but just because I wanted something “nice” and couldn’t figure out what it was that I wanted, so I spent the whole day convincing myself not to eat something I didn’t even crave/want just because I wanted something…..  (btw if I’d figured out what I really wanted, I’d have fitted it into my day).

Today it has been cold and rainy and after a week of 28-31 deg C weather, its feeling absolutely freezing.  Also feeling like eating ALL THE FOOD.

Tomorrow morning is weigh-in number 3!  Hopefully I have something to show for my week, cause a good result after a tough week is extra motivating 🙂

Onto to food from yesterday:


Pap and scrambled egg with tomato

2 rice cakes with 1 tsp of peanut butter

1 cup of spaghetti with mince and carrots and baby gem squash


3 strawberries

1 crumbed chicken fillet (baked) with roast veggies, brown rice, gravy and salad


What I ate: 2 September 2015

Yesterday was another really tough day mentally.  I struggled the whole day to get my head properly in the game, but never quite managed it.  So in the end there was a lot of unnecessary snacking which ate into my points.  I did exercise, but also really struggled with it as well, was sore from the day before and very tired already.   But at least I did it even though I wasn’t giving my best.  Here’s to hoping that today is a lot better.  Although we are going out to family for supper, and i have no clue whats going to be on the menu, so planning on leaving lots of room in my day for supper.

Without further ado my food from yesterday:

breakfast – black coffee + cinnamon oats with milk and 1 tsp sugar

snack – 2 rice cakes with peanut butter + more black coffee

lunch – couscous salad with ham

snack – royco light coup of soup (chicken and herb flavour)

later – lots of snack and bites – little avo, 1/2 cake square, bite of chicken, 1/2 lemon cream

supper – spaghetti and mince + carrots and baby gem squash

Exercise: 25 minutes full body strength training

Starting again for the last time

Over the last 9 years I have lost track of the amount of times I’ve started losing weigh only to get off track and derail badly taking me all the way back to where I started or (mostly) even more overweight than I was before.  A almost two weeks ago I joined Weight Watchers determined to lose the weight properly and for good this time (i.e. starting again for the LAST time).  My first meeting saw me weigh in at 98kgs.  The first week was tough.  I was hungry and grumpy, but I followed the program to the letter and I lost 2.2kgs!!!  Amazing what eating less yunk and lots more veggies does for your body.  I am now nearly through my second week, 2days until my next weigh in, and this week has been eye opening…  In terms of hunger it has been MUCH easier than the first week.  I am not feeling constantly hungry all day anymore, and am even finding that smaller portions are satisfying me for meals.  But (big but here) I have really struggled mentally this week.  I’m sure that I will still lose weight this week (although definitely not as much as last week) because I have been 95% on-plan.  But we’ll have to wait until Saturday morning to find that out.

I am going to try do a food journal everyday again (its great accountability).

Food Journal for 1 September 2015:

Black coffee

Oats with milk and cinnamon

Black coffee

1/2 bag light microwave popcorn

Cucumber sticks

Couscous and ham salad (with low oil mayo)

A small banana

The other 1/2 of the bag of light microwave popcorn

Black coffee

Small portion roast veggie lasagna (homemade) with salad

2.5 liters of water over that course of the day


20 minutes of body weight training (HIIT style)

What I ate: 13 January 2015

Yesterday was so(oooooo) much better than Monday food wise. Yes I did eat some extra things that I didn’t really need, but it wasn’t like a full extra days worth of calories. Lets hope that today I can keep it 100% in check and not eat anything extra over what is planned.

breakfast – black coffee, leftover beef curry and rice

snack – black coffee, an apple and 2 biltong sticks

lunch – 1 medium baked potato with mayonnaise, some steamed butternut and green beans, baked chicken breast with a chutney/mayo/onion soup sauce mix on top

snack – more black coffee, small bunch of grapes

snack – coffee with milk and sugar and 2 rusks

supper – 3/4 of a cup of penne, 1 chicken breast cooked with olive oil and onion, white sauce, salad made with mixed lettuce baby tomatoes cucumber and red pepper, balsamic glaze

What I ate: 12 January 2015

It was not pretty…I ate a heck of a lot of unnecessary food, it is quite obvious why I am not losing weight.

Here’s my list of all of yesterdays food:
black coffee
scrambled eggs (2) with some leftover club steak and baby tomatoes cook in
1/2 cup of rice
black coffee
2 biltong sticks
1/4 cup cashews
beef curry and rice
black coffee
white almond magnum
40g packet of niknaks
chocolate covered jelly tots
a cup of tea
provitas with cottage cheese
chicken bake with baked potato (with butter) and butternut and green beans
ice cream

I also did NO exercise.

Checking in and starting again…

In the months leading up to our wedding (in 2009) I kept a journal (mainly a weight loss journal) and I distinctly remember typing that I NEVER wanted to weight more than that (75kgs) again except maybe if I was pregnant…well I weighed myself at the end of December 2014 and (dun dun dun) I weighed 92.6kgs.  I really have no words on how awful that is.  This morning I weighed 91.6kgs.  I need to lose 20.35kgs to be in the normal BMI range, and 23-27kgs to be at a comfortable weight for my frame.  I know this will take quite a long time.  I want to lose this weight for good, but by December this year I would like to be swimming in a bikini again and wearing short.  I want to be able to run around with my family without getting tired.  I want to feel good and be confident.  This journey of weight loss must be sustainable, I want to be eating now like I would even after I’ve lost weight.  So I am NOT going to deprive myself, rather eat better and healthier meals and snacks and keep an eye on my portions.

Even though its nearly halfway through January, here are my monthly goals:

– Lose 5kgs

– Drink 3 liters of water every day

– Exercise at least three times per week